Planting and educating for a better world

Agriwezesha, an NGO based in Morogoro, Tanzania, has joined our Global Tree Initiative-Planting Family!

“Agriwezesha” is a combination of English and Swahili. It means “Support Agriculture”. It was founded by five people who had the wish to raise the income of farmers while saving the planet.

Local farmers in the Mvomero district were taught farming, “Best practices,” along with the importance of agroforestry through an awareness campaign. Agroforesty is agriculture incorporating the cultivation and conservation of trees. Without this level of education, the farmers had been contributing to deforestation with their farming activities.

Instead of being provided with trees to plant, the farmers were encouraged to use the available local tree seeds and to maintain the natural trees on their farms.

Besides education, training, and empowering the local people, members of Agriwezesha also planted 89 trees to protect the environment and to assist with CO2 offset. The tree-planting activities were supported by 9 volunteers from the surrounding communities. The Project Manager, Mr. Wilfred Richard, guided the tree planters in the planting process.

About the trees planted, Deograsia Ignas, one of Agriwezesha’s founding members, shares that “It was a pleasure for Agriwezesha to contribute to the environment to make the world a better place.”

Have a look at Agriwezesha’s website to read more about their inspiring

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Why:The trees were planted by Agriwezesha for environmental protection
Where:Morogoro, Tanzania
When:February 2, 2021
What kind of Trees:Lukina trees
How many:89


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