Planting and growing trees in Australia

Mark and Jill, our Australian coordinators, share their recent news with us:

“Our summer has been dry, as is normal, but some areas did not get any flooding, as seen in the image below. This means, there is no groundwater.

Flooding in 2010

The Redgum trees need a flood every five to ten years, or they suffer and die. This tree went “white” overnight, died, and will not come back. It was ten years old. I always feel the loss, as so much effort went into the planting, etc.

“White death” in February 2022

On the other hand, I found about 10 tree seedlings that had sprouted under the larger planted trees, so we can feel some achievement at the same time!

These will be guarded against the kangaroos, and will establish very quickly.

To finish on a happy note, these Bottlebrushes were planted in Oct-Nov 2021 and have tripled in size!”

Young Bottlebrush tree

Thank you, Mark and Jill, for sharing your news with us!

We are happy to hear that despite the loss, you discovered nearly 10 new seedlings, that you will care for and nurture.

We appreciate how you continuously plant, grow, and save our planet for future generations!

Are you also planting trees? Share your experience with us!

Do you need advice about your tree-planting activity?
You are welcome to ask Mark (almost) anything!


Who: Mark & Jill
Why: The dedication is for all sentient beings not to suffer from the effects of climate change.
Where: Redesdale, Australia
When: April, 2022
What kind of Trees: Bottlebrush
How many: 10


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