Planting for an inner and outer transformation

Ani Tenzin Lhamo relocated to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, last December, 2020. At her new home, the garden was neglected and mistreated. So, she took the initiative to plant 11 trees in her new garden, as part of a restoration process.

There was also a very specific dedication for the trees that she planted. Anila shares that, “This area of West Virginia was the site of so many battles during the Civil War. So many people suffered here – it changed hands between the North and South many times, each time with fighting. Also, the native Americans who lived here were displaced. My hope is to create a space of harmony and safety, with sacred images, gardens, and trees, dedicated to the well-being of all types of beings in this area.”

The garden is quite big. It, also, houses a very large old tree. Once these old trees reach a certain age, they are called, “Witness Trees”, Ani Tenzin Lhamo recounted. 

Seeing the Witness Tree in her garden, we are encouraged to protect our environment, too, and to preserve nature for our future generations!

Ani Tenzin Lhamo hopes to turn the garden into a meditation spot. She considers adding some statues of St Francis, the Virgin of Guadalupe, and Buddhist statues, to give the garden an interfaith feeling.

Thank you for your beautiful dedication, and for inspiring us, Ani Tenzin Lhamo! You remind us that planting trees and creating a beautiful environment does not only offer an external transformation, but also offers us the opportunity to transform internally.

You can read more about Witness Trees on this page:

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Who:Tenzin Lhamo
Why:On behalf of all those who seek peace and harmony and wish to overcome negative forces,
and honoring all my teachers, past, present, and future.
Where:Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, USA
When:May 13, 2021
What kind of Trees:Cherry, Crepe Myrtle, Dogwood, Cypress
How many:11


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