Planting trees in celebration of new beginnings!

Image above: Mariette and Francois Fick, with their son, Robbie.


This week’s success story is inspired by Mariette and Francois Fick from Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa.

Mariette and Francois are the owners of Surfside Realty, their family-owned real estate agency. If their names ring a bell, you very likely read one of our previous stories where Francois and his son, Robbie, planted trees together, or when Francois planted a fruit tree for the local community.

This time, Mariette and Francois tell us about their green initiative.

Previously, when selling a property, they would offer the new homeowners a welcome gift, such as a bottle of champagne. However, Francois tells us that a while ago, a new idea popped into their heads.

Inspired by the Global Tree Initiative, and by their love for nature, they now offer the new homeowners a small tree to plant in their new garden.

Francois tells us that they always offer the new homeowners an opportunity to choose from a variety of local, indigenous fruit trees, but trees that are not so easy to obtain. In this way, the people can learn about the indigenous tree and its characteristics, they form a close bond with the tree, and the tree becomes part of their lives. And, in contrast to the bottle of champagne, there is no headache the day after enjoying your new welcome gift!

The trees and saplings are all grown personally, with love, in Mariette and Francois’ home nursery.

An aerial view of the green and blue Jeffreys Bay.

Of course, it is not always possible to offer a tree, because Surfside Realty also sells apartments where there are no gardens. In this case, they would offer the client a tree or a plant that is suitable indoors.

Since Mariette and Francois started this new initiative, they have already sold 16 properties, and accordingly, offered 16 green gifts!

Francois tells us that as their business continues, they will continue to offer their clients these life-generating gifts. A gift that keeps on giving!

Thank you for inspiring us, Mariette and Francois, we enjoyed hearing your story, and we hope that you can offer many more trees in the future!

If you want to have a tree grown by Mariette and Francois, check out the Surfside Realty website or follow their Facebook page, to see which homes are for sale. 

– – –

Below, some of the trees planted and grown by Surfside Realty.



Who:Surfside Realty
Why:To make Jeffreys Bay green
Where:Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
When:Since the start of 2023
What kind of Trees:Variety of fruit trees
How many:
16 to date

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