Planting trees in memory of a loved one

The act of planting a tree is beautiful. Trees represent life. They make life possible on our home, planet Earth. Our One Universal Family completely depends on trees and the well-being of nature. An average size tree produces enough oxygen in one year to keep a family of four breathing!

Our friend from Mauritania, Dah Ebbe, shares his noble tree-planting story with us. He tells us that he recently planted 2 Roman trees at his mother’s house. These Roman trees were planted in memory of his father. The fruit growing from these trees, will be received as gifts from his father.

We find your story very touching, Dah Ebbe. Thank you for telling us about your culture and your trees. May your trees mature into strong, healthy, fruit bearers

Have you planted a tree for a loved one too? Tell us about it:

Do you want to plant a tree for a special occasion, but cannot do so yourself? We are here to help you. Choose one of our tree-planting partners:

They will plant for you as many trees as you like. You can add a dedication, too!


Who:Dah Ebbe
Why:2 Roman Trees were planted at my mother’s house. The trees were planted in memory of my father – the fruit they bear, will be received as rewards from my father..
Where:Bareina, Mauritania
When:September 29, 2021
What kind of Trees:Roman
How many:2


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