Planting trees, sharing moments of joy!

Manny and Yolaine Jooste from Kirkwood, South Africa, tell us about their tree-planting experience.

Since the last decade, Manny and Yolaine have planted many trees together. Recently, they bought a new house and started to renovate their new garden.

Together, they plant trees and greenery to cool down the garden. In the summer, Kirkwood is well known for reaching temperatures of nearly 50° Celsius! (122° Fahrenheit)

The variety of trees and greenery also invites different birds to the area, creating a small oasis of biodiversity.

Growing their own herbs, vegetables, and some fruit, may sound like a lot of work. However, it is great fun.

“Spending time together in the garden is a special time for us. We express our creativity through gardening. It is also a great time to relax from our working week. Being in touch with nature, we unwind, have fun, and share moments of joy together!” Manny tells us.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Manny and Yolaine!

We hope you continue to enjoy your planting together, and inspire others to do the same!


Who:Manny & Yolaine Jooste
Why:To make our garden beautiful, invite a diversity of animals, and to spend time together.
Where:Kirkwood, South Africa
When:Since 2010
What kind of Trees:Palm, Lemon, Avocado, Banana and more.
How many:More than 20


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