Planting trees together after the flash flood

In 2021, Lembata island (Indonesia) was hit by a flash flood, which caused many people to lose their homes.

Recently, the Taman Daun community joined hands and started to build new houses for the victims who lost their homes.

At the same time, the elder women of the community started to plant trees around the new houses.

John Batafor, the Taman Daun community leader, tells us that fifty mango and mahogany trees were planted in the area!
These trees create a green space, protect the houses from extreme heat and rain, while also producing fruit.

Thank you for inspiring us again, John!

We hope your community is recovering well from the flooding.

Did you know that the Taman Daun community also plants coral to preserve their island?

Have a look at the coral their coral planting project!


Who:Taman Daun Lembata
Why:Build a green world.
Where:Lembata, Indonesia
When:February 19, 2022
What kind of Trees:Mango and mahogany trees.
How many:50


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