Pupils and teachers of Maitreya School enjoy planting trees!

In January 2023, our director Hans Timpner visited Root Institute for Wisdom Culture in Bodhgaya, India.

One of Root Institute’s social projects is Maitreya School. Maitreya School is a free school, benefiting impoverished children from Bodhgaya and neighboring villages.

During Hans’ stay, he had the opportunity to visit Maitreya school and initiated two tree-planting projects at the school! With the help of the school teachers and Kabir Saxena, more than 20 trees and plants were planted on the school grounds!


Hans (left), with some of the teachers


Ven. Deiki, a school teacher and resident at Root Institute, tells us that “Hans helped to arrange the tree-planting. After the first day of planting with the teachers, Hans went to the market to buy more trees. He also donated some seeds for the school children to plant.

We were all very enthusiastic to plant together. We had a very pleasurable moment together, and we also made a dedication after the trees were planted. We feel a lot of gratitude towards Hans and the Global Tree Initiative for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much again.”


Ajit Sir with Ven. Deiki


Regarding the seeds Hans donated, Hans tells us that these seeds were originally given to him by Dharmendra Kar, the founder of Way to Individual Social Responsibility.

Hans says that “I decided to share the seeds with the school teachers, so they can explain this to their students and encourage them to plant these seeds in the school, as a curriculum project. For example, to know about the seeds, what ground is needed, and understand the whole process of not only planting but also caring for them and then planting them on the school grounds. I thought that was a great little project!”

Thank you to Hans, Kabir, and Ven. Deiki, and the whole team that helped to make this possible! We are happy to see that this wonderful school will now have a greener garden.

Have a look at Maitreya School’s Facebook page, and stay up to date with all the activities happening there. You can also check out their Amazon Wishlist, and sponsor the school with items they need.

Or, get in touch with the school’s principal if you want to know more about Maitreya School and how to support this project!




Who:Maitreya School and friends
Why:To learn and to enjoy
Where:Maitreya School, Bodhgaya
When:January 2023
What kind of Trees:Various trees and plants.
How many:
More than 20

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