“Save Trees, Save Life”

Meet Mukesh Chaudhari from the village of Jamuni, in Gujurat, India.

Mukesh started the “Go Green” initiative with the intention of making the Earth Green! His slogan: Save Trees, Save Life!

…and this is exactly what he is doing!

Mukesh started planting trees in his surrounding area when he was just 16 years old. Now, at 43 years of age, he plants around 100 to 150 trees per year.

When he travels to Surat, which is a nearby town, he collects the local saplings which are growing in the slit of walls or next to the roads. He adopts them and nurtures them for few months. Once they are ready to be planted, he distributes them to people in his community who are interested in tree planting.

He explains that one of his challenges is to make the local villagers understand what he is doing. Due to a lack of environmental awareness education, not everyone in his village supports his initiative. However, they are slowly bringing changes, together.

Mukesh also involves the local children in his project. The children eagerly help him by collecting seeds. In return, they learn from him as he inspires them with his work.

Setting an example for the youth, his team is growing and making a big impact!

Slowly but surely, people are getting educated and inspired. They are saving trees and saving lives, one tree at a time!

Thank you for being such an inspiration, Mukesh. Thank you for joining the Global Tree Initiative and our One Universal Family!

Please, keep planting, keep educating, and keep inspiring us!

You can get in touch with Mukesh and learn more about his “Go Green” initiative. Send him an email: mukeshchaudhari2926@gmail.com

Are you in India and want to get involved with tree planting projects? Get in touch with Mrinalini, our regional coordinator for India: mrinalini@plantgrowsave.org


Who:Mukesh Chaudhari
Why:I’m trying to make my earth green. I hope my work will also inspire others to do the same.
Where:Mauza, India
When:January 1, 2021
What kind of Trees:A variety of trees
How many:500


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