“Secret” tree planting in Australia

Rosetta Isma is from Australia and she has shared her inspiring tree-planting journey with us.

It all started around thirty years ago because Rosetta “couldn’t bear to see little trees die”. Since then, Rosetta has planted and cared for many seedlings in a local park. Today they are a bit taller than seedlings!

She tells us, “My Gum trees were self-seeding at home and I couldn’t plant any more in my suburban block. I felt we needed more trees, so that’s how my renegade park planting began.

In one local park, the Council began removing Cyprus trees and mulching the roots leaving a very fertile ground ready for tree planting, so I planted a little grove. I thought that we needed to keep greening the planet and then it unfolded from there.”

Rosetta tells us that the local plant nursery often donates seedlings for her to plant. She also shared that, for her 70th birthday, she asked to be gifted with trees, more specifically Gum or Eucalyptus trees, native to Australia.

“I carried water in my car and watered them regularly over the summer as they were getting established”, Rosetta shares.

“I took part in one of these organized planting days, but somehow it wasn’t the same as surreptitiously planting trees!!

I love walking through the park and seeing my trees thriving and helping the planet, providing shade and habitat for the birds and other insect life.

Hopefully, they will be there long after I’m gone. It’s a legacy I’m happy to leave.”


Thank you for the brilliant story. And thank you for all the effort you have been putting in over the last thirty years. That is incredibly inspiring.



Who:Rosetta Isma
Why:“I couldn’t bear to see these little trees die and I felt we needed more trees.”
Where:Noble Park VIC, Australia
When:November 30, 2023
What kind of Trees:Eucalyptus (Gum) trees
How many:

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