Sharing love and acceptance

Our inspiring friend from India, Dharmendra Kar, tells us about the recent trees planted by the WAY2 ISR Foundation. (Individual Social Responsibility Foundation)

On the 2nd of April, six trees were planted in celebration of World Autism Day!

Dharmendra shares that β€œWAY2 ISR Foundation takes individual responsibility to share our love and acceptance for special needs children.”

In the colorful sign Dharmendra is holding, he shares that Autism stands for:


On the same day, a coconut tree was planted in celebration of the 91st birthday of Dr. TN Ganjoo, a great Gandhian and Kashmir Pandit.

We wish you a happy birthday, Dr. TN Ganjoo!

Thank you for continuously inspiring us, Dharmendra ji.

We appreciate everything you are doing for our One Universal Family.
Thank you for preserving our planet for the future generations to come!

Remember to follow the WAY2 ISR Foundation’s Facebook page, and stay up to date with all the inspiring work Dharmendra is doing.

We are calling all Indians to get involved. PLANT your tree; GROW our forest; SAVE their future!

Dedicate your trees to our One Universal Family map.
Get in touch with our two branch coordinators in India for more information!

Mrinalini Nigde and Dipen Mehta are here to help you!


Who:Dharmendra Kar Way2 ISR Foundation
Why:To share love and acceptance for our special needs children and to connect with them with nature
Where:Navi Mumbai, India
When:April 2, 2022
What kind of Trees:Coconut, jackfruits, mango
How many:7


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