Success Stories

Read our incredible success stories. How planting trees can change your live.

Armonia Tree planting

For the Planet collaborates with the Global Tree Initiative

Harmony and the For the Planet ( team from Ibiza, Spain, planted seven fruit trees during the month of May, 2020.  The trees were planted in their newly designed, geometric vegetable garden along with a sincere wish for a better and more conscious planet.  They planted a clementine tree, an orange tree, a lemon tree, a cherry tree, a nectarine tree plus two avocado trees.
Harmony share her planting tip; “I learned a really good technique today: first dig a big hole (1 m); ..."
Mr. Cashew

Never underestimate the Power of one tiny Seed

"... I planted about a dozen cashew seeds hoping for a tree. One sprouted. A year later, it was doing very well. When mature, these trees produce cashew seeds (the cashew “nut” itself) and cashew apples. The apples are supposed to be particularly good. They can be eaten raw, cooked or used to make a liquor called feni but they have no shelf life so they cannot be found in grocery stores. ..."

Sandhya Pandurang Chougule: A Miracle

Never underestimate the power of one single person to make outstanding things happen, especially when that person is Sandhya Chougule from Satara in the State of Maharashtra, India.  The life of Sandhya Chougle is a life of determination.  That determination has made a difference. “Basically,” she says, “I am a farmer.  I had a dream from childhood to develop my jungle, and to motivate others to do so.” Driven by a deep understanding of the vital role of trees, Sandhya began her plantation activity in 1986.  Since then, she has to her credit the planting and care of more than 60,000 trees.  While she plants, Sandhya helps to create sensitivity and awareness about nature and the environment in the local population.