The Tree of Hope

In Agios Onoufrios, Greece, Sara Hutton-Anetopoulos and three young students, Sotiris, Andreas and Apostolos planted a tree together!

The tree is a Tree of Hope. It is a gift to the planet from the three students, who have named their tree Kouchie.

Sara shares the following with us: “Helping our students to understand the world and our impact on it is imperative for the future caretakers of our planet. It is up to teachers, at every level of education, not only to sensitize young people to what is happening in the world but also to encourage them to be proactive in protecting it. For several years now, the QLS Literacy Programme has been providing members of QLS with lesson ideas aimed at teaching environmental awareness

Sara told us that she and the boys went into nature where they explored the animals’ natural habitat. Together, they witnessed how the animals were feeding. The boys even learned the English names of the animals and plants in the forest!

Thank you for the inspiration, and for educating our future generations, Sara!


Who:Sotiris, Apostolos, Andreas
Why:The Tree is a Tree of Hope. It is a gift to the planet from Sotiris, Andreas and Apostolos, who have named their tree Kouchie.
Where:Pileos 15, Ag. Onoufrios 385 00, Greece
When:May 4, 2021
What kind of Trees:Native Tree
How many:

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