Three trees planted for “our beautiful planet”!

Loïc Azéma shares his recent tree-planting story with us.

In May 2022, Loic planted three red maple trees near Barbazan, France. He dedicated his trees to “our beautiful planet”. This is not the first time Loic plants trees! He also planted and dedicated his “Laurus nobilis” (Bay Laurel) tree in August 2020.

Loïc told us that “Trees are so important for wildlife and humans. My modest contribution through tree planting is for honoring the beauty and generosity of our planet.”

Thank you very much for sharing your kind story, Loïc! We are happy to know you. We are delighted to share your kindness with our One Universal Family. We appreciate your ongoing support!

Loïc is one of our frequent donors. Have a look at Loïc’s video.  See why he supports the Global Tree Initiative. You can send us a video, too.  Tell us why you donate to the Global Tree Initiative!

If you are in France and want to get involved with tree planting, contact one of our friendly French Coordinators to find out how!

Emma Defresne and Marie Henry, our French Coordinators, are looking forward to hearing from you!



Who:Loïc Azéma
Why:I am happy to plant 3 more trees for our planet.
Where:Barbazan, France
When:May 14, 2022
What kind of Trees:Red Maples
How many:3


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