“Trees are life, miti hupenyu, izihlahla ziyimpilo!”

Jussa Kudherezera, our regional coordinator in Zimbabwe and the founder of Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA), inspires us with his latest story.

On the 1st of December, his team planted 210 indigenous trees in Mutare, Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, the National Tree Planting Day is commemorated every year, on the first Saturday of December.

Jussa explains, “We at Manica Youth Assembly believe that tree planting is one of the most important actions that we should do consistently to reclaim our environment and rebuild our disappearing ecosystems.

This is an activity that every individual anywhere can do without any excuse. It is a valuable opportunity to create awareness of the importance of forests, mitigate against climate change, and also encourage the nation to plant and conserve trees.

Planting trees is an action that should not wait for the 1st Saturday of December, but should be continuous. We challenge every citizen to plant just 12 trees per year, one tree per month, and in five years we will experience the difference!

One tree per month in order to restore our depleted environment, is this too much to ask?

We are confident that, with the continued collaboration of our partners and community, we can make a significant contribution towards uplifting our communities and fight climate change.

Trees are life, miti hupenyu, izihlahla ziyimpilo!”

Thank you very much for the story, Jussa! We appreciate your powerful actions and message!

If anyone wants to help Jussa and his community plant one tree every month, get in contact with him: Jussa@plantgrowsave.org

Want to start your own tree-planting project in your area, but not sure how? Check out these tips on our website, or contact us: hello@plantgrowsave.org


Why:These trees are dedicated to Peace SOS May-May Meijer, Global Tree Initiative, and Mutare Urban Councilors
Where:Mutare Zimbabwe
When:December 2, 2023
What kind of Trees:Variety of indigenous
How many:

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