Trees planted and dedicated to the health and happiness of Sandhya’s son

This week’s story highlights a tree-planting hero from India: Sandhya Chaugule!

Sandhya is one of our dedicated tree planters in India, and her organization, HIRWAI, is also one of our partners. Early in August, Sandhya told us that she planted 520 trees! The trees were planted by herself and members of her community, which includes the young and old!

She tells us that “The trees are scattered over 2.5 Acres of land. Some are at the edge of the road, and some are at the edge of the farmer’s land. And, the local farmers also participated in the planting!”

Sandhya (left) with her community


The planting also celebrated a special event, which is the birthday of Sandhya’s son, Dhananjay. Sandhya tells us that her son recently had an accident and that she and her son had a very challenging time. But, the challenges they went through could not dampen their passion for planting trees and caring for the environment!

Dhananjay sponsored trees worth 2,000 Indian Rupees, and together with his mother, they planted it on his birthday.

Sandhya and her son, Dhananjay


Happy birthday, Dhananjay! Thank you for being so generous and sponsoring the trees, and thank you, Sandhya, for everything that you, your son, and your community are doing to care for our environment. We appreciate you!

If you want to learn more about Sandhya’s remarkable work, or sponsor her projects, send her an email:




Who:Sandhya, Dhananjay , and the local community
Why:For Dhananjay’s birthday
Where:Vadachiwadi, Maharashtra, India
When:August 2023
What kind of Trees:Various trees and plants.
How many:
A total of 520

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