Trees planted in celebration of two decades of collaboration!

Pastors Sammy Vaaltyn and Heinrich Bester, together with congregation members, planted two Trichellia Emetica trees.

The trees were planted on the property of the Maranatha Pentecostal church in Uitenhage, a small town off the coast of Southern Africa.

β€œOur trees are dedicated to the two decades of collaboration between the Interkerk Woordskool organization and the Maranatha Pentecostal church. Working together, our two projects have been serving, and bringing hope and peace to the people of these rural communities.” the pastors shared.

The community service is not limited to preaching, but also by serving the communities through projects like soup kitchens, clothes donations, food banks, and more.

The two trees planted have a symbolic meaning, as they represent the growth of the two projects, together. However, they are also planted to provide shade and comfort to the future generations to come!

Thank you for inspiring us, pastors! We wish your projects a lot of success, and hope that you can plant many trees together, in celebration of your work.

Has your local church or community center planted trees too?

Please, share your story with us!


Who:Pastor Heinrich Bester and Pastor Sammy Vaaltyn
Why:The trees were dedicated to the 2 decades of collaboration between Interkerk Woordskool of pastor Heinrich Bester and the Maranatha Pentecostal church of pastor Sammy Vaaltyn. The trees represent the growth of the two projects, together, and to provide shade and comfort to the next generations.
Where:Uitenhage, South Africa
When:September 30, 2020
What kind of Trees:Trichellia emetica
How many:2


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