“Trees protect and feed us. We must honor them.”

Ms. Cheryl Humphreys from Sunshine Coast, Australia, planted a tree and dedicated it to her granddaughter Elise.

This tree/shrub is commonly known as mulloway needle bush and is native to Eastern Australia.

Ms. Humphrey is 76 years “young” and shares that planting trees is a big passion of hers!

“Trees have played a large part of my life for many years. I am now 76 and although on a suburban block, I still want to plant as many smaller trees and shrubs as I can.

Trees are our cover. They protect and feed us. We must honor them.”

Apart from planting a tree, Ms. Cheryl planted four shrubs, which she told us about:

  1. A brachyscome (Fresco Purple), only 25cm tall but the bees love them;
  2. A anigozanthos hybrid (Kangaroo Paw Bush Diamond) with 60cm;
  3. A scaevola (Bondi white) with 70cm – another one for the bees;
  4. And eremophila microtheca (Emu Bush), 1.5m tall for attracing bird life.

Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your tree-planting endeavors with us, Cheryl!


The Global Tree Initiative’s community in Australia is growing by the day. Recently, new members have joined Mark and Jill as regional coordinators. Read this recent news article about what is happening in Australia and join the community if you are around!




Who:Ms. Cheryl Humphreys
Why:“It’s a dedication to my granddaughter Elise.”
Where:Sunshine Coast, Australia
When:December 30, 2023
What kind of Trees:

Mulloway needle bush (Hakea actites)

Fresco purpler

Kangaroo Paw Bush Diamond

Bondi white

Emu bush

How many:
1 tree and 4 shrubs

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