Two Sisters, Two Continents, and the Global Tree Initiative

This is the story of two sisters on two separate continents. Each contributed to the Global Tree Initiative in their special way.

In Austria, Andrea Husnik, a former teacher, and environmental consultant planted three individual trees in her garden.

Excited about the Global Tree Initiative, Andrea, a long-time practicing Buddhist, and respected teacher continues to shares her enthusiasm for tree planting with her present-day Buddhist students.

On the other half of the globe, Andrea’s sister, Brigitte Ott, got involved in social work and tree planting with a Christian organization in Tanzania. Brigitte helped the schools to get gas cookers. In this way, there was no reason to destroy the trees for firewood. In collaboration with local schools, they planted 200 fruit trees, dedicating them to the long life of the Dalai Lama and for universal peace!

At first, planting and caring for trees was a great challenge. By educating and motivating the locals, they were taught the importance of trees. They learned how to care for them. They saw that, in return, the trees cared for them by providing fruit.

So, this is a story not merely about planting trees. It is a story of attitude transformation. It is a story about learning the value of trees and caring for the environment.

Yet, there is one more facet of inter-relatedness with this story. Nearly half of the population in Tanzania follows the Islam religion. This story illustrates how we can unite, even through our diversities. We are one human family of nearly eight billion brothers and sisters.  Environmental care, protection, and education are needed globally!

Each of these inspiring stories, in unique ways, promotes planting trees together as One Universal Family.  

Every seed counts!

There are many ways to get involved and to plant, even if we do not plant the trees directly. Please visit our website to learn more about the different ways you can get involved!

A GREAT, BIG THANK YOU to Andrea Husnik in Austria for sharing these stories with us!  Thank you for your time, energy, and dedication. We deeply appreciate you!

We would, also, like to thank her sister, Brigitte Ott, and the Missionary Congregation of The Evangelizing Sisters of Mary in Tanzania, for the great work they are doing!

Thank you for sharing the story and inspiration!

For more information about the project in Tanzania, please have a look at their website:


Who:Brigitte Ott, and the Missionary Congregation of The Evangelizing Sisters of Mary in Tanzania
Why:The trees are dedicated to the long life of the Dalai Lama and all beings on Earth.
Where:Usagara, Tanzania
When:April 30, 2020
What kind of Trees:Fruit trees, including mango and Syzygium malaccense.
How many:200



Who:Andrea Husnik
Why:I planted 2 trees October 2020 and one around 7 years ago 2013, The trees are being offered to GTI and for the wishes of GTI to offer His Holiness the trees for his birthday.
Where:Vienna, Austria
When:October 1, 2020
What kind of Trees:

2 Glanzmispel Photinia
1 Kirschbaum

How many:3


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