Wishes made and trees planted by children at Universal Mandala

Universal Mandala in Ibiza, Spain, is an educational center for children 3 to 12 years of age.

The program followed at Universal Mandala is based on a social, emotional, and ethical approach to learning. Essential universal principles and laws are integrated into everything they do at the school.

As part of the regenerative agriculture program at Universal Mandala, a fruit orchard is being developed. Recently, the children planted several trees in this orchard.

Each tree was planted with a mindful intention for the benefit of all living beings big and small.

First, the children consciously made their wishes. Then, they sent these wishes into the soil and up the roots of the trees.

Their wishes included:

  • that each tree has a lot of love, water, and sun to grow well.
  • the expression of gratitude for the fruit that will grow and be enjoyed by them together.
  • that the bees, insects, and other animals find a home, shelter, and food and can live happily around the trees.
  • that each tree can have a long and healthy life, benefiting many beings for many years to come.

Thank you for your well-wishes, dear children! We are so happy to learn from the examples of our youth. May your wishes come true!

Visit Universal Mandala’s website, to learn more about their Universal Education program.

We are working on our tree-planting collaboration with Universal Mandala. Soon, you will be able to sponsor a tree at their orchard!

If you live in Spain or are visiting, contact our Spanish coordinator, Katy, to see how to get involved with the Global Tree Initiative Spain!

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Who:Universal Mandala – Universal Education
Why:Our three classes aged 3 to 9 years each planted a fruit tree that continues the development of a fruit orchard at Mandala for all children, families and the community to enjoy together. The children made their wishes when planting the trees and send them to the soil and the tree. These include that each tree have a lot of love, water and sun to grow well, giving thanks for the fruit that will grow and be enjoyed by everyone. They also wish the bees, insects and other animals find a home and can live happily around the trees finding shelter and food.
Where:Santa Eulalia del RΓ­o, Spain

April 12, 2022

What kind of Trees:x2 Orange trees x2 Lemon Trees x2 Almond Trees x1 Tangerine Tree x1 Pomegranate Tree x1 Cherry Tree x1 Quince Tree
How many:10


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