Young women educate youth and plants 100 trees!

Jussa Kudherezera, our Zimbabwean coordinator, tells us about recent tree-planting activity in his area.

 Jussa’s youth group and our Global Tree Initiative (GTI) partner, Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA), arranged a special day at the Dangare Primary School in Mutare, Zimbabwe. The day was arranged in celebration of National Women’s month in Zimbabwe.

The young women educated the youth on climate change, how to plant trees, and explained the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to them.

 After the education session, the youth had the opportunity to put their knowledge into action! Together, they planted 100 White Gum trees on the school premises.

 Jussa tells us that “Tree planting is a great way to increase the students’ interest in their local environment. Every school’s tree-planting activity offers the opportunity to inspire other students, and teachers. This results in a positive change at their schools and, in turn, their communities.”

Thank you for inspiring us, MAYA! And, thank you, children of Dangare Primary School, for leading by example. We admire your actions!

 Are you interested in doing a tree-planting event in Zimbabwe?
Get in touch with Jussa and ask him how!

 Remember to visit MAYA’s website, and learn about their inspiring work!


Who:Manica Youth Assembly Trust
Why:To celebrate National Women’s Day.
Where:Mutare, Zimbabwe
When:March 11, 2022
What kind of Trees:

White gum

How many:100


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