Zamba Primary School in Zimbabwe plants and dedicates 30 trees!

In celebration of International Youth Day (August 12), we bring you an inspiring tree-planting story from Zimbabwe!

Our Zimbabwean coordinator, Jussa Kudherezera, tells us about their recent tree-planting activities with Zimbabwean youth.

Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA), our Global Tree Initiative (GTI partner), organized an environmental day at Zamba Primary School in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

First, they collaborated with the youth to tidy up their school grounds. Then, they planted 30 whistling pine trees, sponsored by Gary and Mabel Odessey from France.

Regarding the youth, Jussa says “Catch them young! Let us give our future generations a healthier and happier environment to have a beautiful life!”

Thank you for motivating and inspiring our youth, team MAYA! We appreciate your work. We admire your service to our youth and our planet!

Have a look at MAYA’s website. Learn more about what they are doing. You can also contact Jussa, Ask him how you can get involved with MAYA’s projects!



Manica Youth Assembly Trust


On World Environment Day, we cleaned up the school yard before we planted of 30 Whistling pine trees at Zamba Primary School in Mutare Zimbabwe.

Where:Mutare, Zimbabwe

June 5, 2022

What kind of Trees:

Whistling pines

How many:30


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