About us

Every year, the impact of human-created climate change becomes more and more evident. Stories of extreme wildfires, storms, and flooding are increasingly frequent. As we watch this environmental crisis unfold, we know that it not only affects our generation but will impact untold generations to come. While it is true that this global crisis will need to be addressed at all levels of government, our individual actions matter, too.

Who we are

We are YOU!

We are men, women, young, old, rich, poor and in between. We are employed, unemployed, retired and volunteers.  We are traditionally educated and experientially educated and without either.  We are hale and hearty and weak and infirm. We are loners and joiners, conservatives and anarchists.  We are married.  We are single.  We are children. We have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  We come from many nations with different religious backgrounds.

What we share is- we CARE- we are CONCERNED- we feel RESPONSIBLE for the future of Planet Earth.

We are COMMITTED to doing something positive and constructive one person at a time from the ground up.

There is room for everyone to put a shovel in the ground in one way or another.

We hope you see your face amidst our efforts.  Please, join us.

Plant your Tree.  Grow our Forest.  Save their Future.