Plant a Tree

Start a tree-planting project

Are you more powerful being in a group? Make the most of it. Grab your friends. Start a tree-planting group.

Planting trees is an excellent community-owned exercise.

  • Decide to do it and plan.
  • Identify the types of trees to be planted.
  • Recruit volunteers. (e. g. young adults, people from your community, your yoga pals, children from local educational institutions….)
  • Raise funds to support the project.
  • Choose the planting site.
  • Arrange the required equipment.
  • Schedule the event.
  • Follow correct tree-planting procedures.
  • Provide refreshments for guests, invitees, and volunteers at the end of the event. Reward volunteers and others who helped with some form of recognition.
  • Ensure proper care for the plants for at least two to three years

Remember to tell us about your tree-planting activity! We can promote your tree-planting events on our GTI events calendar, and potentially help you source resources, volunteers, and more!

We can also write a Success Story about your tree-planting activity. This promotes your hard work, and inspires others to do the same!

Questions? Get answers!

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