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Our Team

Volunteers are the backbone of our Global Tree Initiative.

We are of different ages. We have varied backgrounds, skill sets, talents and education. What we share is a strong attitude of universal social responsibility.

Welcome to Kat O’Lone, our new regional coordinator from the United States!

Kat O’Lone is our new regional coordinator from the United States. We asked Kat to tell us a little bit about herself.

Meet Miss Bonnie McSquirrely, our Global Tree Initiative Mascot!

For her first birthday (August 1), Miss Bonnie asked Kat to create a big, month-long, birthday party for her. You are invited. Miss Bonnie is celebrating her birthday with a fundraiser for the Global Tree Initiative.

Creating a global community through tree planting!

Nathanael enrolled in the Ecovillage Development Education certification program hosted by Gaia Education. It was through these weekly global Zoom meetings that Nathanael met GEN Ambassador Patty Rangel-Hernandez from Mexico.

Growing friendships through the Global Tree Initiative

The Global Tree Initiative (GTI) is not just about planting trees. It is, also, about creating communities and growing friendships. 

Meet Katy, our new Spanish Branch Coordinator!

Katy shares with us that several reasons made her fall in love with the idea of joining the Global Tree Initiative (GTI).

Creating communities, growing friendships

Sophie, our kind volunteer, and donor, recently welcomed Anrich, our project coordinator, and Pia, his wife.

Meet Jérémy Arusi Adeba, our new branch coordinator for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

“This is a noble job that I dream of, so I want to serve the family until the end of my days with courage and love.” Jeremy tells us.

Congratulations to Marilyn for publishing her book!

Our French translator, Marilyn Magazin, recently had her book published. Congratulations on this big accomplishment, Marilyn!

Meet our NEW Project Specialist, Francisca (Kika) Gusmão!

On February 1, Kika began working for the Global Tree Initiative (GTI) on a contract basis, for the next six months. It is your recent contributions to our GivingTuesday and GivingDecember fundraisers that made hiring Kika possible.

Meet our social media support volunteer, Vadim!

“I truly enjoy helping other people and taking care of mother nature, because it helps to understand and feel that you are doing something meaningful. In the age of contribution, it is essential that we pay back and provide care to nature,”

We come from across the planet

Tenzin Ösel Hita
Chief Inspiration Officer


Jacie Keeley
Global Director


Miss Bonnie McSquirrely
Official Mascot and Educator


Anna Colao

United Kingdom

Hans Timpner
Branch Coordinator Aruba & Maha Space Eco Community Coordinator

Aruba / Australia / Germany

Jill Lancashire & Mark Allaway
Branch Coordinators Australia


Matheus Pangracio Italiano
Branch Coordinator Brazil


Jérémy Arusi Adeba
Branch Coordinator Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

Emmanuelle Defresne
Branch Coordinator France


Marie Henry
Branch Coordinator France


Dipen Mehta
Branch Coordinator India


Lokendra Balasaria
Branch Coordinator India


Mrinalini Nigde
Branch Coordinator India


Marco Farina
Branch Coordinator Italy


Nathanael Shikongo
Branch Coordinator Namibia


Bengu Fetzer
Branch Coordinator New Zealand

New Zealand / Turkey

Beth Pearsall
Branch Coordinator New Zealand

New Zealand

Javier Torres Espino
Branch Coordinator Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Katy Peláez
Branch Coordinator Spain

Spain / Colombia

Jennifer Coyne
Branch Coordinator United Kingdom

UK / Ireland

Rowena Field
Branch Coordinator United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Inessa Slavski
Branch Coordinator Germany

Ukraine / Germany

Kat O'Lone
Branch Coordinator USA

USA / Poland

Jussa Kudherezera
Branch Coordinator Zimbabwe


Marie-Claire Miyaguchi
Translator French

French Polynesia

Marilyn Magazin
Translator French

France / USA

Julia Soeder
Translator German


Sophie Kaiser
Translator German


Manuel Vasquez
Translator Spanish


Ralph Doe
Interpreter French


Brigitte Schaer
Social Media Support


Jennifer Troyan
Social Media Support


Vadim Kulmatetskiy
Social Media Support

USA / Russia

Anita Saran
Editor / Proof Reader


John Castelloe
IT Consultant

Paid staff

Anrich Bester
Project Coordinator

Germany / South Africa

Francisca Gusmão
Project Specialist


Valerie Ray


Arnoud Smits
Communication Designer

The Netherlands

And a big THANK YOU to all who have helped us in the past!

Alejandra Boquete, USA/Argentina, Alexandra Hoyle, United Kingdom, Amanda Russell, USA, Anouk Burel, France, Ariana Biren, Argentina, Cynthia Zak, USA/Argentina,  Deepthy Chandrashekhar, India, Fred van der Zee, Spain/Netherlands, Hermann Wittekopf, Germany, Javi Peña, Spain, Jorge Robles, USA/Puerto Rico, Joseph Geglia, USA, Maria Cersosimo, USA/Argentina, Mer Stafford, USA, Peter Kedge, Canada/UK, Sue Emonson, Australia, Stephanie Brennan, Australia, Tania Duratovic, Australia, Tom Truty, USA, Ven. Kalden, Brazil, Ven. Sherab, France, Yaron Bahir, Israel