Welcome to Hans Timpner, our new global director!

Hans Timpner was born in Germany and has traveled throughout the world. He now lives in Aruba with his wife Rita. They have been happily married for 44 years.

Hans has made a life of service, specifically serving others in the hospitality industry. He managed hotels across Aruba for over 30 years. Hans started from the ground up as a manager on duty, then front desk manager, operations manager, and finally general manager.

Hans truly excelled as a general manager. He brought his strong people-first skills to the forefront, creating a culture of gratitude, positivity, and connection. During his time as general manager, Hans organized various large-scale events such as annual Carnival events, cooking, dancing, and New Year’s eve celebrations. In this way, Hans brought success to the hotel and happiness to the guests and employees.

In particular, Hans finds joy in inspiring others to join in service. Hans started working with the GTI in its early WhatsApp days back in January 2020. He has been active in the GTI community, eagerly volunteering in the beginning as our Tree Enumerator followed by serving as the Aruba Regional Coordinator. In addition to GTI, Hans is also involved with Maha Space, another Universal Clear Light initiative, as the Maha Space Coordinator.

Hans is enthusiastic to offer his love of giving back, passion for the environment and our world, and experience in creating intentional, harmonious communities to his new assignment as the second global director of the Global Tree Initiative.

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