Wedding anniversary tree planting

Meet Hans Timpner, our Aruba Regional Coordinator and Maha Space Ecovillage Coordinator.

Hans is also a faithful tree planter!

Hans and his wife Rita celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary on the 16th of May. They marked the special occasion by planting a tree together!

Thank you for inspiring us, Hans and Rita! We wish you many more happy and healthy years, together.

Have a look at the global tree-planting map, and see if you can find their special tree.

Have you planted a tree for a special occasion too? Please, tell us about it!


Who:Rita and Hans Timpner
Why:Today we celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary and decided to plant this tree.
Where:Burubundo, Savaneta, Aruba
When:May 16, 2021
What kind of Trees:Palo di Boonchi
How many:1 Tree


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