Many ways to help us

There are many ways to support the Global Tree Initiative. Here we advertise initiatives from our partners that will benefit our work.

TribalData app

Join the Tribe and help build a greener world with your data!


Create an anonymous profile in Tribaldata, complete it with the data you choose and receive points to plant trees every week. That easy.

Our mission is to build a more humane Internet based on honest use of your data.

Did you know that by simply browsing the web you are providing valuable information about your tastes, behaviours, or lifestyle? This data belongs to you and is valuable.

At Tribaldata we want to be the first ones to ensure that this economic value is not lost, but rather transformed into points that you can use to reforest the planet.

It’s free, easy, and without obligation. In addition, you decide what data you’re willing to share, your profile remains always anonymous and you stay in control at all times.

The app is available in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Medicine Buddha app

Safe. Convenient. Confidential.

The Medicine Buddha App provides direct access to Tibetan Medicine Doctors and Wellness Practitioners.

Get 10% discount with the ‘GTI’ code

Put in GTI on the Voucher Code section and press Redeem and get 10% off the consultation price.

Download the app at