Climate Change Children’s Voices

book of photography and art

Welcome to our new GTI Marketplace partner, Climate Change Children’s Voices!


Climate Change Children’s Voices (CCCV) is a project based in the UK. This project aims to foster and amplify the heartfelt voices of children and proclaim the importance of acting against climate change.

This CCCV book, is a book of photography and art of children that showcases their deep concerns about life on Earth and the future of our planet. Being heard is of vital importance to their mental health.

We are grateful for this opportunity to hear from our youth and future leaders! Inspired by their words, we can continue to plant more trees, grow more forests, and continue to save the lives of our future generations!

Order your CCCV book here!

The book costs £12.99 and shipping varies, depending on location.
For all orders made through the GTI Marketplace, a portion of the amount will be donated to the GTI.

This high-quality book is printed in the UK, using only FSC recycled paper and vegetable oil-based inks.
Images source: see here.

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