We have a new Branch Coordinator in Puerto Rico! Meet Javier Torres Espino.

Javier’s first self-appointed task as our new Puerto Rican branch coordinator was to attend the Sustainable Forests and Landscapes Congress, in Panama. How inspiring!

Javier is a native Puerto Rican. He is now working as a government lawyer.

He tells us that after completing his law studies, he found the time to study Tibetan Buddhism. Javier started visiting a center close to his home (Centro Budista Ganden Shedrub Ling), where he did formal studies and now belongs to the board of directors.

It was through this center that Javier first heard of Ösel – the Global Tree Initiative founder. Javier tells us, “I saw the video of Maria, Ösel’s mother, and I felt identified with her story.”

Javier shares with us his urge for doing something positive for humanity. This encouraged him to enroll in a formal ecovillage design course. “Everything was there. The social, economic, ecological, and spiritual aspects. It was like meeting a new universe.”

In that same year, Javier met Jacie – our global director – and the two started talking about the Maha Space.

Javier tells us that he is becoming increasingly aware of our dire position regarding climate change, environmental degradation, and the energy crisis. Additionally, he sees that the prime solution to the problem is reducing our resource consumption.

Javier invites us all to plant a tree. That is – he says – “an elementary first step”, a beginning of a new path. For Javier, the Global Tree Initiative is a spark of love that is going to light up a whole new world, in a subtle and simple but profound way. It is the first phase of a new paradigm.”

Dear Javier, thank you so much for your kind words and for everything you do for the Global Tree Initiative. You are an inspiration!

Get in touch with Javier and ask him how you can get involved.


Javier at the Sustainable Forests and Landscapes Congress, in Panama.

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