100 trees planted and dedicated at Zila Parishad School, India!

Mrs. Chhaya Taralekar shares her story with us.

Mrs. Taralekar tells us that the Rotary Club Sunrise and NGO Gawali Pratisthan joined forces to plant 100 trees at the Zila Parishad School in Mumbai, India.

The 100 trees were carefully selected considering the environment. Amongst the tree types planted, were moringa, guava, mango, and areca palm trees.

“These trees will be watered with proper borewell water and will be cared for by the school children” Mrs. Chhaya Taralekar tells us.

Once these trees are big enough, they will also contribute to the midday meals of the school children.

About the amazing team behind this project, Mrs. Chhaya Taralekar says, “We are a group of nature lovers who love to plant, grow and save trees!

Thank you very much for your story! We are happy to learn about your work. You are inspiring.

We are looking forward to seeing the children caring for the trees and enjoying the fruits of their arduous work!

We hope this story will inspire you to start a tree-planting project at your local school.

Learn about the diverse ways you can start a tree-planting project! We also have an updated tree-planting guide to help you with your tree-planting.

Don’t forget that our regional coordinator volunteers are here to offer their assistance. Contact a coordinator in your country. Ask them how to get involved. Then, share your tree-planting story with us. You may inspire others to do the same!


Who:Rotary Club Sunrise, Gavali Pratishthan NGO
Why:We did 100 trees plantation at Zila Parishad School, Inampuri along with Rotary Club Sunrise, Gavali Pratishthan NGO & school children. We are a group of nature lovers who love to plant, grow and save trees.
Where:Mumbai, india
When:July 30, 2022
What kind of Trees:Blackplum, Karanj, Moringa , Mango, Guva, Pipal, Banana, Bahawa, Bahuni , Areca palm & Bogania on compound & decorative plants
How many:100


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