Nine trees planted and dedicated in Slovenia!

Maja Bratuz from Nova Gorica, Slovenia, inspires us with her heartfelt story.

She tells us that on the 12th of November 2022, she and her cousin got together to plant trees. The trees were planted in the village of Slap ob Idrijci, on the land of their ancestors and where their parents grew up. In this specific place, there used to grow trees, but they have been cut down. Now, they planted 9 new trees in the same spot.

What makes this planting special, is that they planted the exact same trees that used to grow there before! Maja and her cousin remember the trees from their childhood. Together, they planted a cherry tree, apple trees, a walnut tree, a plum tree, and some hazelnut trees.

After planting, Maja experienced a “really nice feeling. A feeling like the trees belong there.” The trees were dedicated to their family, their extended family, and their descendants.


“I am myself a great nature lover, and feel especially protective of trees. We have a pretty good forest protecting policy in Slovenia. However, I still feel that it is really important to pass this nice attitude and awareness of how important trees and nature are for our well being and survival, to the younger generation.” Maja says.

A very big thank you to Maja and her cousin for planting and dedicating their trees, and sharing their experience! Have a look at our global tree-planting map, and see their story and photos.

Are you in Slovenia and have you planted trees too? Tell us about your trees and dedications, and inspire others to do the same!



Who:Maja Bratuz and her cousin
Why:My cousin and I planted new trees on the land of our ancestors, where our parents grew up… exactly in the place where the trees already grew in the past but were cut down. 
Where:Slap ob Idrijci, Slovenia
When:November 12, 2022
What kind of Trees:Fruit trees – a cherry, 2 apples, a walnut, a plum, four hazelnuts.
How many:


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