‘Bund Naturschutz’ youth in Germany enjoy a cold morning of tree-planting!

Our dear friend, Katrin Veicht, tells us about their recent tree-planting experience.

On a cold Saturday morning, children from the Lower Bavarian area prepared for their tree-planting activity. Despite 0° Celsius (32° Fahrenheit) coupled with a cold Eastern wind, the children were happily excited about their project!

The funding for this tree-planting activity came from a kind donor. She raised the funds for her birthday in 2019 specifically for this cause.

Together, they planted five fruit trees!

From left to right: Paula Lindner, Korbinian Eder, Katrin Veicht Johanna Pöbl and Josefa Sonderfeld.

At the end of the tree-planting event, the group dedicated their hard work and activity to the Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Tenzin Ösel, and the One Universal Family of the Global Tree Initiative! Their dedication also included global peace, happiness, and well-being.

A very big THANK YOU to the ‘Bund Naturschutz’ organization and everyone involved in making this happen. We are inspired by these youth. Thank you for setting such great examples!

We hope you are inspired, too. You can do the same in your area. Learn how to start a tree-planting group, or join an existing tree-planting group!


Who:Bund Naturschutz and youth
Why:It was a very cold Saturday morning, but the kids were really happy to do the planting. Our environmental group got some 1000,- Euro donated for that. The donor collected the amount on her birthday in 2019 and donated them to our group – pointing out we should plant trees with the money.
Where:Arnstorf, Germany
When:March 19, 2022
What kind of Trees:Apple, Plum, Pear
How many:5


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