Dedicating a green space to others

On the 4th of June 2021, a community of happy Italians took the initiative to plant trees in Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, the largest cultural area inside the city of Palermo, Italy!

Together, Circolo Arci Tavola Tonda planted 130 lemon and olive trees. They dedicated the trees to all the people who visit this city recreational area.

Marco Farina, Global Tree Initiative (GTI) Regional Coordinator for Italy, added, “We are developing, as Muni Gyana Center, the Green Future Project aimed at developing more mindfulness about environmental topics.

Thank you Team Green Future! Due to your tree donation, many children will enjoy a green place to play now plus you have created a green area for future generations to enjoy!

Tree planting is definitely about doing something beneficial for the environment and for future generations but, by looking at the happy faces of the Green Future Planters, it is clear that planting trees is fun!

We challenge you to do the same in your own community. It is easy. Start a tree planting group by inviting your friends and family to join you. Click here to get involved!

Do not forget to report your project so we can share your story.

Learn more about the GTI partner, Green Future Project, on their website:


Who:Circolo Arci Tavola Tonda
Why:We want to dedicate these trees to all people visiting this culture place inside the city of Palermo. Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa is the biggest culture center inside the city of Palermo and we wish thanks our donation many children find a green place to play.
Where:Palermo, Italy
When:June 4, 2021
What kind of Trees:Sicilian Lemon Trees
Olives Trees
How many:130


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