A whisper from the woods

Mewsings from Jorge, August 2022

Aug 8, 2022

Happy August from Jorge – Love and other stuff…

Interpreted by Jennifer Troyan (aka Mama)

After all of that travelling, Mama was off again! I did not want her to go. She is my whole world, although I do like hearing about her experiences when she comes home.

I snuggled in with my toy. I looked as cute as I possibly could, hoping she would stay. I have no idea how that did not work!

Before she leaves, her habit is to say, “I always come home. Mama loves you!” She tells me she will be gone one day and the next day and then she will be home. I am still trying to work out how long that is, you know, time. I think I understand it – she will be gone two daytimes and two-night times.

I like that she talks to me about her plans. That way, I know what is going on. If she forgets to tell me, it makes me wonder what is happening. Mama tells me, “Please leave everything as it is. Only go potty in the litter box.”

Then, she gives me some treats! We cuddle and watch some TV together, usually a documentary about nature or the world. I learn so much from those things. She always smiles when she sees I am watching and listening to them. Animals in the wild travel to different places. I guess Mama is in the wild since she travels, too.

What do I do when she is not around, you ask? I miss her. I feel a little sad. I know she will be back. So, I rest a lot. Then, I play! OH, do I play!

The missing her part, I learned that is called attachment. Attachment is a funny thing. I think it is good and not good all at the same time. It is attachment that makes me sad (and fearful.) I know that it does not help. So why do I do it? I know she loves me. She wants to be with me so why not all the time? Mama senses this. She talks to me about it. I guess it is easy to confuse love and attachment. After all, I am just a cat who tries to understand big things!

Here is what I learned about attachment:

She says she feels it, too, sometimes. It is a big thing to overcome this.

We are starting with the first step – knowing the feelings that are coming up and being about to recognize it (aka awareness).

Love yourself, anyway.

You can get through that feeling. Try to quiet your mind talk.

Just be with it. It is ok.

When we meditate, we can think on this.

Only think about this moment right now.

Be kind to yourself. You will get through it.

I am working on this. It is quite a lot, so Mama said we are starting with the first one – the knowing thing.

Back to Mama being in the wild.  When she came back from her trip, I was so happy to see her, I jumped into her arms. We had a love fest.

Remember when I said she tells me all about her travel experiences and what she learned and enjoyed? Her favorite thing was that she got to swim with sharks! I saw them on TV. They look very strong and scary. She said they are all strong but not all of them are scary. Can you imagine? She got to pet a very nice one, a girl nurse shark. Even though she is big, she is gentle. Mama said she was in awe in that moment.  She said she felt the connection of the whole universe right then. She was so thrilled about it.  She said it is one of the most favorite things she has done in her life.

Grandma said she would NEVER do that! She doesn’t know how to swim. I do not, either so I do not blame her.

This is Mama, swimming with the sharks:

She told me about how the shark eats. It made her think about how swiftly something can change from one second to another. Sharks are so powerful. They act without hesitation. Mama told me I have those instincts, too. She said it is like when I eat things. I can understand that.

It makes me happy and feels good when she teaches me things. I feel fortunate. I know other cats. They do not know as much as I do. I decided I am going to share what I know to help them learn more too. We can be better together. All of us. What a sweet world we live in!

Mama and I say, let’s stay connected and help each other. Believe, dream, play, be kind, be curious.

 Photos courtesy of Jennifer Troyan

A Note from Jennifer: I am grateful to our readers. Thank you for all the feedback you share with me! Deep bow.  Be well everyone! Enjoy life. It is most precious. <3

Quotes to enjoy:

In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. ~ Terry Pratchett

I know of no pleasure deeper than that which comes from contemplating the natural world and trying to understand it. ~ David Attenborough

Please share this. Thank you!


  1. Nancy

    Love this !!!

  2. Miryam Aguilar

    I love Jorge & mama’s histories! They bring me to a beautiful world where the most beautiful energies come to our hearts.

    Thank you for your great inspiration, giving Jorge the language to let us know his feelings.

  3. Deb. B.

    Great discussion about attachment and living in the moment all wrapped up in an adorable story. Thanks for sharing your lessons and personal experiences through Jorge!

  4. Maria Chah

    I have a cat, and now, through this article…I realize that when i humble myself to my cats level of understanding the better we bond. Thank you for sharing this story from George’s perspective. Makes me even more excited to connect with my fury friend 🙏

  5. Jennifer Troyan

    Thank you Nancy, Miryam, Deb & Maria for the kind words. I told Jorge and he’s thrilled with your feedback/comments. We love hearing what people get out of his blogs. <3
    Thanks, Jenn 🙂

  6. Alane

    I always love hearing about all your beautiful journeys and especially love how you share it with Jorge ❤ I feel the positive energy you put into everything you do.

  7. Jamie

    You did it again, as always!

  8. Jennifer Troyan

    Thank you Alane & Jamie. <3


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