One tree planted and dedicated to the local community

Meet Francois Fick, our tree-planting friend from Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

Francois got introduced to the Global Tree Initiative (GTI) through his friend, Anrich. Since Francois heard about the GTI, he has planted numerous trees in Jeffreys Bay, a coastal surfing town in South Africa.

In September 2022, Francois planted yet another tree on his open piece of land, that is situated between family homes. A lemon tree was planted and dedicated to the local community.

Francois says that he intends to plant many fruit trees on his property, so the local community can come and help themselves to the fresh fruit.

Thank you for kindly sharing the fruits of your labour, Francois!

Francois and his wife, Mariette, also own their own business, Surfside Realty, and they plan on planting and dedicating many more trees, in collaboration with GTI!

Stay tuned to our newsletters, to hear more about our upcoming collaboration.

Do you also want to plant trees, but don’t know how?
We have a tree-planting guide to help you plant and dedicate your trees!


Who:Francois Fick
Why:This weekend, I planted a lemon tree on the open plot next to my home. I intend on planting many fruit trees on this piece of land, so that the whole neighborhood can come and help themselves and enjoy the fruits of my labor. The tree is dedicated to my community.
Where:Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
When:September 2022
What kind of Trees:Lemon
How many:1


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