Planting trees on Adai Hill, Navi Mumbai

Local women in India frequently visited Adai Hill as part of their morning walk routine. During these frequent visits to the hill, they felt that something was missing – trees!

Together, in 2014, they started to think strategically, and one tree was planted. Today, there are more than one thousand trees planted (and still surviving) on Adai Hill!

The project is not only about planting trees. It is also about caring for them. During the rainy months, the saplings get sufficient water. However, for the eight non-rainy months, dedicated volunteers care for and nourish the saplings.

Now, eight years later, hundreds of individuals and around ten organizations have joined hands. Together, they have created a beautiful jungle on Adai Hill, which is full of natural beauty.

Mr. Kiran Patil from the Adai Hill development team, tells us “We consulted forest officers for this project. They helped us in selecting species that will survive on the hill. They also helped us in protecting the plants from fire and animals. Their advice on which manure to use was also helpful. Many other ideas by volunteers were quite useful too.

We need more volunteers to support this project. We have space to accommodate approximately ten thousand trees here. We need human energy to make this happen. We will help nature and, in return, nature will help us.”

Last, but not least, we honor Mrs. Priya Khobrekar. We are told that Mrs. Klhobrekar is the real inspiration behind the Adai Hill planting! She has been honored with the “Sindhuratna” award on behalf of the Sindhudurg Residents’ Association, for her efforts in ecological restoration on Adai Hill.

Thank you for inspiring us, Mrs. Priya Khobrekar, Mr. Kiran Patil, and everyone who is involved with Adai Hill! We wish this project continued success!

Contact Mr. Patil if you want to participate in planting the remaining 9,000 trees!

Remember to get in touch with one of our Indian coordinators to learn how you, too, can get involved with planting trees!

Dipen Mehta:

Lokendra Balasaria:

Mrinalini Nigde:


Who:Adai Hill development, Hirwai, Adai green army Maharashtra, and many others
Why:Some women were regularly visitors of Adai hill for their morning walks. When they climbed the hill they felt trees can be planted there. They started to think on these lines and planted one tree. Today there are more than 1000 trees on Addai hill with consolidated efforts. The work of tree plantation started by some women in 2014 and today many people and organisations have joined this mission and trees more than 1000 have not only been planted but has survived. 
Where:Adai Hill, Navi Mumbai, India
When:Started July 3, 2014
What kind of Trees:All types like Ficus glomerata (Audumber), Ficus Benghalensis (Banyan), Ficus religiosa (Pipal), Samanea saman (Rain tree), Millettia Pinnata (Karanj), Mangifera Indica (Mango), Manilkara Zapota (Chiku), Syzygium Cumini (Jambhul), Tamarindus Indica (Chinch), Psidium Guajava (Peru) and many more.
How many:1,000


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