120 trees planted to kick-start 2022!

Our partner, Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA), started the new year off on a green note by responding to the massive deforestation crisis around Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Jussa Kudherezera, the coordinator of MAYA, and the Global Tree Initiative Zimbabwe Regional Coordinator, shares their message with us:

“It is our mandate to protect planet Earth by all means necessary! There is no planet B. In this decade of action, young people have a very important role to play. We are the climate action advocates!”

Thank you for taking the lead and inspiring us, Jussa!

We are thankful for all the work you and MAYA are doing. How wonderful you are on the Global Tree Initiative team.

Thank you, Mable Odessey and Gary Waters, and Dakini Rising for helping to fund this project!

This year, MAYA is planning several tree-planting events in Zimbabwe.

Have a look at the event calendar to see what is happening.
Let Jussa know when you want to join them to help!


Who: Manica Youth Assembly
Why: Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA) kick-started the year 2022 by embarking on an afforestation program to respond to the massive deforestation crisis around Mutare.
Where: Mutare, Zimbabwe
When: January 12, 2022
What kind of Trees: White gum
How many: 120


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