Our community gardeners from around the world

Our global community has been dedicating some time to growing food and tending to small indoor gardens.

Gardening can be quite a rewarding experience and it has proven benefits to one’s health (both physical and mental). We published an article focused on the health benefits of gardening, you can read it here.


Nature to Nurture, a book by Mrs. Chhaya Taralekar

Mrs. Chhaya Vikas Taralekar writes about her own experience of growing a kitchen garden and the need for it in today’s changing world. She lives in Mumbai, India, in a 19th-floor apartment. Still, she has a vibrant garden growing on her balcony.

Mrs. Chhaya’s story and book are an inspiration for all of us as she proves one doesn’t need a spacious backyard to start growing some food.

You can check Mrs. Chhaya’s book here.

Hans Timpner, our regional coordinator from Aruba, visited Mrs. Chhaya in India, and was amazed by her little yet magnificent kitchen garden.


A kitchen garden to promote teamwork

Several schools and local groups from Spain have been promoting the establishment of vegetable gardens, too.

In this school from Aviles, Spain, the vegetable garden was planted by and for the children. Maria Fernanda shares that the objective of these activities is “to promote teamwork, while raising awareness of our responsibility to care for the Earth.” 


A small garden dedicated to the Global Tree Initiative (GTI)

Karla Dutsi, from Mexico, dedicated her lovely indoor garden to the Global Tree Initiative’s global community.

“I would love to offer this small urban garden to GTI. It has romero, lavanda, perejil, cilantro, epazote, and microgreens.”

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for sharing your amazing indoor garden with us!

A small indoor garden can provide us with fresh aromatics for a discounted price.


A garden in Equatorial Guinea

There is one group in Equatorial Guinea who has been eagerly sharing about their vegetable gardens!

This group is called Centro San Vicente de Paul, and is located in Mikomeseng.

Pineapples, peanuts, and pumpkins are some of the crops planted by the children in this community.

They shared that working on this garden is a way to promote food security in their community. Learn more about them here.


Saving seeds and getting started

Our project specialist, Kika Gusmão, is also experimenting with gardening.

An avocado seed was the first seed she sprouted. Today, Kika is nurturing an apple and a persimmon tree until they are ready for planting. She is also playing around with vegetables and aromatics, having sowed bell pepper seeds and planted mint, rosemary, lettuce, rhubarb, and spinach, among others.


What about you?

Have you dedicated some of your time to a vegetable garden, or are you interested in doing so?

Share your comments in the comment section below, and tag us on social media if you share any of your planting activities (@globaltreeinitiative).


The Global Tree Initiative is a Universal Clear Light Project.

Maha Space Collective is another project of our founder, Tenzin Ösel Hita, and is currently in the initial stage.

Maha Space Collective aims at bringing people together in a more holistic sense – to share a homestead, to promote communal living, and to recover the lost knowledge of our ancestors who knew how to grow food according to nature’s rhythms. To be a center for aligning our habits to more skillful conduct, and hence be of benefit to all beings around us.

There is an informal Maha Space Collective Facebook page run by volunteers. You can visit it here.


Please share this. Thank you!


More News

A warm welcome to Bengu, our new project coordinator!

Welcome to your new role, Bengu! We are very happy and thankful to have you here, and we are looking forward to a lot of exciting developments with you!

JOIN US this International Day of Forests!

We are coming together next March 21! Register below! In an online event, we will hear from three speakers who have been, in their own ways, dedicating their energy and time to reforesting different parts of our planet.

Global Tree Initiative’s community helps protect the rainforest in Australia

Here is a final update on the fundraiser conducted by Global Tree Initiative (GTI) Australia’s community.
Mark shares, “Our small donation will save about 60 mature and semi-plants as a forest habitat.”

Welcome to our new partner, Devrai

We are excited and honored to announce our new Global Tree Initiative (GTI) partner; Devrai from India!

An interfaith community based on harmony and mutual respect

“All religions offer help to humanity. Especially when facing difficult situations, all religions offer hope. Therefore, we must respect all religions.”

Living more sustainably with Chhaya Taralekar

Chhaya Taralekar advocates for more sustainable and simpler ways of living, with composting as a cornerstone of her activities.

Emma Defresne meets Ösel Hita at Vajra Yogini Institute, France

Later that year, during the Summer of 2023, Emma met Ösel, our founder, in Vajra Yogini. Emma shares it was a “nice surprise”.

Upcoming tree-planting project happening at Tibetan Children’s Village, Ladakh

“It was very fortunate to have some very energetic and committed Tibetan students that had heard about the planting project of the Tibetan Children Village (TCV) in Leh Ladakh, inspired by the Dalai Lama during his last visit to Ladakh. The Dalai Lama wanted to see more green in the area, as the Dalai Lama’s commitment to the environment is well known.”

News from our GTI Australia community

Last month, our founder, Tenzin Ösel Hita, visited our Global Tree Initiative (GTI) communities in New Zealand and in Australia, where he led Habit Alignment Key (HAK) retreats.

The year of 2023 in numbers

As we enter the final week of 2023, we are happy to present these numbers, inspired and made possible by YOU, our Global Tree Initiative (GTI) community!

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