Thank you for your generosity!

Dear friends,

THANK YOU for your generosity!
We wholeheartedly appreciate the kindness of everyone that contributed to our GivingTuesday and Giving December campaigns.
A total of $5,275.50 was raised – a little bit less than half of our target of $13,000.00

Facebook has not yet confirmed any matched donations for our GivingTuesday fundraiser.
However, Facebook displayed a notice that they will let us know early in January. This means that the total amount raised may increase slightly.

If you would still like to donate specifically for hiring another full-time contractor, please donate here, and use the reference “Giving December”.
In this way, we can allocate your donation accordingly.

Thank you for contributing to our fundraisers:

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Meet our social media support volunteer, Vadim!

“I truly enjoy helping other people and taking care of mother nature, because it helps to understand and feel that you are doing something meaningful. In the age of contribution, it is essential that we pay back and provide care to nature,”

A big THANK YOU to Felicity!

Felicity, one of our donors, kindly volunteered to help us with our GivingTuesday campaign!

Giving Tuesday Success!

Thanks to YOUR generosity, we raised nearly 3,500 USD, a quarter of what we need to sponsor Kika Gusmao, (our present volunteer Portuguese regional coordinator) on a full-time basis.

Giving December

December is universally considered the month of giving. It revolves around people making a difference in society by helping others.

Giving Tuesday! Sophie from Germany supports the Global Tree Initiative.

Sophie from Germany, who is also part of the Global Tree Initiative volunteer team, invites you to support us!

Giving Tuesday! Javier from Puerto Rico inspires us!

Javier, from Puerto Rico, has always felt like trees are our protectors. During the pandemic, Javier felt drawn to protect our trees.

Giving Tuesday! Don from Santa Fe, New Mexico, supports the Global Tree Initiative!

Don from Santa Fe, New Mexico shares his experiences with nature and why the Global Tree Initiative is important to him. Join Don is donating to the Global Tree Initiative.

Giving Tuesday! Andrea from Switzerland inspires us!

Andrea, based in Switzerland, is passionate about not just doing her part for the environment on an individual level, but also on a global level.

Giving Tuesday! A message from Ven. Robina.

Venerable Robina, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is emphatic about trees and you should be too! Join Venerable Robina in supporting the Global Tree Initiative.

Meet Sophie Kaiser, our German Translator!

Sophie from Germany, grew up in the areas surrounding the Bavarian forest. She recalls her childhood, spending a lot of time in the forest. Being in the forest made her feel connected to nature. Regardless of how she felt, after spending time in the forest, she would...

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